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Sarajevo bars & cafes

Baghdad Café: Oriental themed Sarajevo bar, on Bazardzani street 4, frequented by Bosnian photo models, actresses, fashion designers and other beautiful and successful people.
Barhana: Jasmina Mameledzija, Sarajevo’s renowned female DJ cannot be wrong when she calls Barhan the best bar of entirely Sarjaevo. This bar in the heart of Baščaršija (Djulagina Cikma 8) features beautiful and cheerful customers, decent priced drinks and excellent service.
Pravda: very stylish designed bar featuring the finest selection of Bosnian women mingling with diplomats, politicians and other local celebrities, Pravda at Radićeva 4c is a must-visit when exploring Sarajevo nightlife.
Central Café: Central Café on Strosmajerova 1 is very popular with foreigners, due to its reputation of attracting many beautiful local glam queens.
Delikatesna Radnja: great venue to spend lazy afternoons in Sarajevo; wireless internet, delicious food and friendly service. This cafe at Obala Kulina Bana 10 offers excellent optiond for mingling and flirting Sarajevo's pretty young things.
Hacienda: Mexico style designed bar on Bazardzani street 3 offering the most delicious cocktails in town.  Sip Margaritas and Mojitos together with local to the backdrop of Salsa, Cuban and other Latin tunes.